Principal Investigator

Tim Higham

Ph.D.: University of California, Davis

Postdoc: Harvard University


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Graduate Students

Emily Naylor
Graduate Student (PhD)
Since August, 2015
Emily was an undergraduate at Ohio University

My research interests center on how morphology functions in natural settings and responds to various pressures, namely in tetrapods. Integrating form, function, behavior, and ecology, I aim to explore phenotypic diversity with a combination of fieldwork and lab-based approaches. I thereby hope to achieve a more holistic understanding of how an organism and its morphology succeed in a particular environment.

Anthony Cobos
Graduate Student (PhD)
Starting September, 2018

Anthony is completing his MS degree with Bobby Espinoza at California State Northridge. He was an undergraduate at La Sierra University and conducted research with Lee Grismer.

Anthony is interested in gecko morphology, physiology, and biomechanics, and has conducted research in Malaysia.