Principal Investigator

Tim Higham

Ph.D.: University of California, Davis

Postdoc: Harvard University


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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. David Ryan

September, 2020 to present

David studied biology for his bachelors and masters, focussing on animal biology and biomechanics. He recently earned his PhD from Simon Fraser University where he studied the effects of transverse loading on muscle in humans (with Dr. James Wakeling). He is very interested in the locomotion of animals and the role that muscle has in locomotion. His postdoc at UC Riverside will focus on temperature dependence of rattlesnake strikes, which will include performance and muscle dynamics.

Graduate Students

Marina Vollin

Graduate Student (PhD)

Starting September, 2019

Marina was an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis and worked as a herpetology curation intern and preparator

Marina is interested in anything and everything reptiles, but will be focusing on gecko tail autotomy and the ecological and biomechanical consequences of tail loss. She is particularly enthusiastic about museum science, specimen-based research, and public outreach.

Phil Sternes

Graduate Student (PhD)

Since September, 2019

Phil was a Master's Student at DePaul University in Dr. Kenshu Shimada's lab

Phil is interested in anything and everything shark related. His primary interest in sharks is the relationship between body form and swimming. He hopes to use this to research to understand the evolution of swimming in vertebrates. His previous research focused on the diversity of shark body morphology and its impact on shark ecology and evolution.

Seth Shirazi

Graduate Student (PhD)

Starting September, 2021

Seth received his bachelor's at the University of Oregon where he studied biology with an emphasis in marine biology

Seth's primary interests include functional morphology, biomechanics, population genetics and behavioral ecology. At UC Riverside, he will be focusing on the genetics underlying biomechanical traits in freshwater and marine stickleback. He hopes to use this research to better understand the evolution of biomechanical traits.