Collaborators, Past and Present

Christopher Anderson
Brown University
Feeding, Biomechanics, Morphology, and Muscle function

Andrew Biewener
Harvard University
Comparative biomechanics and muscle function

Rulon Clark
San Diego State University
Predator-prey interactions

Steven Day
Rochester Institute of Technology

Tony Gamble
Marquette University
Genomics, evolution, and diversification

Theodore Garland, Jr.
University of California, Riverside
Experimental Evolution, Evolutionary Physiology, Exercise Physiology, and Locomotion

C. Darrin Hulsey
University of Konstanz
Functional morphology, ichthyology and genetics

Duncan Irschick
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Locomotion, Evolution, and Performance

Heather Jamniczky
University of Calgary
Evolutionary developmental biology

Bruce Jayne
University of Cincinnati
Lizard, snake, and fish locomotion

George Lauder
Harvard University
Fish locomotion

Lance McBrayer
Georgia Southern University
Lizard feeding and locomotion

John Measey
Stellenbosch University
Morphology, Functional Ecology, Population Genetics and Behaviour

Frank Nelson
Temple University
Muscle function and Locomotion

Sean Rogers
University of Calgary
Molecular ecology & evolution; Ichthyology

Anthony Russell
University of Calgary
Evolution and functional morphology

Lars Schmitz
Claremont Colleges
Evolution, diversity, and functional morphology

Doug Syme
University of Calgary
Muscle physiology and animal locomotion

Krystal Tolley
South African National Biodiversity Institute
Chameleon Biology

Peter Wainwright
University of California, Davis
Functional diversity and biomechanics of suction feeding in fishes

James Wakeling
Simon Fraser University
Muscle function

Amber Wright
University of Hawaii
Ecology of lizards