General Research Interests

My lab focuses on the origin and evolution of innovations, integration, and complexity, with a strong emphasis on the ecological context of organismal function. To do this, we integrate biomechanics, comparative evolutionary methods, comparative physiology, and ecology. This naturally combines organismal approaches with sophisticated laboratory techniques (see below). Examples include the functional and evolutionary consequences of gaining and losing adhesion among geckos, the integration of feeding and locomotion among fishes and snakes, the neuromuscular basis of locomotion among anoles and geckos, the dynamics of tail autotomy among geckos, and the role of vision in gecko locomotion. Our fieldwork is conducted in a number of places, including the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in British Columbia, Gobabeb in Namibia, South Africa, Nouragues in French Guiana, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Examples of recent research projects:

Experimental Techniques