Principal Investigator

Tim Higham

Ph.D.: University of California, Davis

Postdoc: Harvard University


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Graduate Students

Grace Freymiller
Graduate Student (PhD), Joint Doctoral Program between UCR and SDSU
Since August, 2016

I am fascinated by predator-prey systems, particularly predator-prey coevolution. I am interested in understanding how traits of both predators and prey (e.g. morphology, aspects of locomotion, behavior) affect success for either party. My current research is focusing on the prey side of this relationship by studying behavioral and biomechanical features of kangaroo rat evasive maneuvers in response to rattlesnake strikes.

Vicky Zhuang
Graduate Student (PhD)
Since August, 2012
Vicky was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley (Adviser: Robert Dudley)

I'm interested in understanding morphological evolution by examining patterns of morphospace occupation through time and the resulting functional implications. My current research focuses on examining the evolution of the gecko adhesive system, and the associated structural reorganization of the foot, using methods like geometric morphometrics to describe taxa in mathematical spaces.

Emily Naylor
Graduate Student (PhD)
Since August, 2015
Emily was an undergraduate at Ohio University

My research interests center on how morphology functions in natural settings and responds to various pressures, namely in tetrapods. Integrating form, function, behavior, and ecology, I aim to explore phenotypic diversity with a combination of fieldwork and lab-based approaches. I thereby hope to achieve a more holistic understanding of how an organism and its morphology succeed in a particular environment.